Monday, September 29, 2008

Homecoming Week!

To start off homecoming week they always do a parade for the children in the neighborhood. Bingham Hudson and Ruby really enjoyed all of the candy! Who needs Halloween???

Jeff holding Bingham at the Homecoming assembly.

Jeff and his fellow SBOs!

Jeff and his darling homecoming date.

Jeff and his group for the homecoming dance!


April said...

yeah a blog, Jeff needs one and so do you. Especially when he leaves on a mission. I will tell everyone.

anne said...

wow ! aren't you the on top of the latest person ! I'm excited to see the up close and happenin Speechlys! yay! thanks april for the heads up ! can't wait to watch the future unroll
love ya -

Brooke said...

glad you've joined the blogging world! you are such a good mom and grammy!

Lauren said...

Go Tigers!!!!! I am glad you blog now!

The Bruces said...

hey Holly I am so glad you have decided to join the blogging community:)

Sammy said...

YAY! i love homecoming week, sad i missed everything, but looks like fun!